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Abstract Encaustics


16" x 20"

One of 3 in series. Color photograph.

Venice at High Noon 20" x 16"

Color Photograph.

Beauty and Age

Old Glory 911

61" x 35"

American flag that was flying on 911.Embedded in beeswax then layered with sacred beeswax.

Floating 21" x 25"

Photograph printed on silk and mounted on heavy gauge art paper. Layers of beeswax poured then fused to silk. Antique silver frame.

Oregon Coast

20" x 16"

Untitled Abstract V

31" x 21"

Mixed media including steel and gold with layers of sculptural and poured beeswax.

Untitled Landscape

24" x 18"

Abstract Encaustic with tinted beeswax. Layers upon layers of painted encaustic.

Origin of Light

36" x 48"

Abstract Photograph on Philippine mahogany with a resin pour.

River Styx 24" x24"

Abstract encaustic. Textured beeswax surrounds pigmented wax landscape with organic mixed media.

Venitian Palazzo by Candlelight 45" x 34"

Photograph on Philippine mahogany with encaustic pour. 

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